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  • New! Six Bullets Teaser Trailer

    What everybody's talking about
    It's here. Windows Media Player and QuickTime versions available. Download it. Tell your friends.
  • Indie Filmmaking How-To

    Advice for aspiring independent moviemakers
    Take a tip from us, do your research. This month's article is How to Budget for a Real Indie Film.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    Making the Six Bullets experience
    Watch as we get behind schedule, over budget, and brave sub-zero temperatures. This section is updated with a new video regularly.
  • Desktop Wallpaper

    Push your background to the foreground
    The Six Bullets desktop for PC and Mac. Available now.
  • Photos

    A look at the production of Six Bullets
    Photos taken by our production teams during the making of Six Bullets, as well as stillframes from the movie.
  • Production Diaries

    An archive of notes from the Director to the cast and crew
    From the first production meetings and storyboards, read the director's words as we complete a film project three years in the making.
  • Six Bullets Buddy Icons

    Now you've got a conversation starter
    Chat icons for MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! and other chat programs.

"Better than I ever dared to hope."
- Graham Killeen, Director
December, 2005.

- Jon Kline, on the number of pages in the storyboard binder,
April 2004.

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